Tips For Winning On Slots

Tips For Winning On Slots In 2020

Here’s my top tips for winning on slots and getting through the wager. By playing slowly and taking plenty of breaks, it’s possible to beat the casino! Have you got the patience?

There’s a real art to getting past the wager requirement and cashing out your winnings. But it is possible if you have time to spare!

You need to be patient, take regular breaks, and also complete your bonus in due time.

Casino RTP Percentages 2018-2020

I believe it’s becoming increasingly harder to have repeat wins on slot games. The return to player percentage seems to have declined over the last couple of years, since all the casino sites went mobile and HD. I initially thought this was due to cost. Maybe the new games changed the odds, or perhaps casinos.

It is worth noting that you may not experience the regular big wins that you’re used to, if you were playing prior to 2017 – 2018. But having said all that, there’s still big jackpots to be won daily! Choose the right games and you can win a few grand, up to a few million!

Slots are not only bigger n better,, more people are playing. That is also why you may see less wins over a longer duration. Short n sweet is the best way to play slots in 2020.

Please also note: Slots are tested by the UKGC and run by a Random Generator. But there’s a lot more competition (players) and more staff are required to run the casinos. This is why the RTP % may have dipped by a point or two?!

You can always look for casinos with higher RTP % or play at smaller repuatable casinos.

Winning A Slot Jackpot

Winning a jackpot is by sheer chance and you might be able to find a daily jackpot game that keeps giving you the chance. If this happens, take the chance, as it could be your lucky day. Winning a jackpot large or small isn’t as hard as you think.

Some older slots may have a loose jackpot waiting. I have won by getting 5 bonus symbols. I will also let everyone know the greatest mistake a slots gambler can make, clicking on the bonus symbols. There must have been hundreds of jackpot wins missed.

When you hit stop or nudge or spin to hard, you are literally throwing money away to the casino. Likewise, smashing everything on one slot will wind up spending more than you win over time (that’s just the basic maths!).

Take Advantage Of New Slots Promotions And Opt Ins

So take your time and stay savvy. Many new slots promotions will payout a small amount like £50-£150 when you play for the 1st time. So look out for these types of promotions. Look out for jackpots and games which aren’t played. Games that are played regularly, will give you more frequent medium sized wins.

Change The Bet Size And Line Amounts Often

Not all slots pay out and you may find you need to switch over to another slot or find a better coin size/line number.

Play Buy In And Slot Bonus Guarantee Slots

Unfortunately buy in slots are now banned in the UK as they easily eat your balance. But they also give you the opportunity to head straight to the jackpot round. Bonus Guarantee Slots will generate a bonus round approx every 150 spins or less.

Withdraw Your Winnings

When you have a win large or small, don’t forget to withdraw and log off. There’s nothing more aggravating than playing all your wins and then chasing losses. Set a time to stop playing and a win/loss limit. You’ll be left with more funds for the next round or next casino..

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