VIP Casino Bonus Strategy

What Is The VIP Casino Bonus Strategy?

The VIP casino bonus strategy is simply about making the most of your first time bonus cash. This is how some of the pros win…

“Risk is involved and we do not encourage gambling or high stakes with real money.”

Bigger Bonus Wins

This is how to make a big impact at a casino and hopefully a big win too!

I personally call it the drunken gambler technique. You relax, enjoy and hopefully win.

*Never play slots drunk/under the influence.*

What you do for this technique is accept a new player bonus, (the larger, the better).

Play small bets and medium bets on auto periodically. With an occasional max bet or larger bet. You’ll probably trigger some wins.

Play slowly, play fast. In short, play somewhat erratically. Until you start to see some wins. Hit all of the games with your bonus. Not one!

The next time you play with your real money, you may get a nice surprise!

You want to play low to medium stakes for most of your session. High stakes minimal.

Just remember to slow down when you’re playing with real cash, or on your next deposit!

Remember games you played big on with your new player bonus to see if you win anything.

It is likely that you will win something larger on your next deposit.

Good Luck! 😉

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